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Following are some usefull links to resources relating to products we sell.

Help Videos

  • How to Videos
    For a list of videos that have been created to help you install some of the products we sell click the link above.



Mezumi HW-399 Headset setup

Refer to instructions at www.mezumi.com

Connect Wireless Headset HW-363 to PS4/PS3/Xbox 360
 HW 363

Refer to instructions at www.mezumi.com


Mini CD for USB tuner with Remote Control.
Updated Drivers that support HD Channels

Download mini CD from this Link


USB Tuner that comes in a box

Download instructions for install from this LINK - also contained on the CD download below 

Download CD content from this LINK

The link contains the content of the Mini CD (if you dont have a CD player on your PC you can use this) and instructions.

Please read the instructions carefully before attempting to install the dongle.

Don't plug in the dongle before reading.


USB Tuner that comes in a plastic pack


Click here to download the instructions and software (Drivers) + other mini CD content




Bluetooth Car Kit BTCK08a 


BCK08a pairing to iPhone:

TTS Speakerphone 


Bluetooth Car Kit BCK08H  bck08h



Bluetooth headphones with Mic    white bt headset


How to put the SX-947 into pairing modesx-947
Then watch the next video down for how to set up with the PS3.

Help Pairing Bluetooth Devices to PS3       
(Not my video - but from Youtube)

Syllable G08 Headphones

Connect and Pair the 2.4ghz headset to the ps3    HW-390M

part 1 - connect to the PS3 and pair the headset

part 2 - change the PS3 settings to get it working



  • Drivers and software
    For a range of downloads related to products we sell. Contains contents of CD's shipped with most of our items.