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Bluetooth Car Kits

Various Bluetooth Car Kits.                         More Details
From AU$35.00

USB TV Tuners

Various USB TV Tuners - with quality antenna's and coax connectors.
From AU$29.95                                        More Details

Antennas for digital TV tuners



Tested for use in Australia with digiatal appliances that use the DVB-T type digital TV frequency.

From AU$19.95                                        More Details

IR Head Phones



Quality Infrared Headphones for use with in car DVD Players
From $29.95                                            More Details

Skype Headsets - wired or wireless



Headsets - with audio connectors or Bluetooth for PC. Use for Skype and video gaming - with mic.
From $15.95                                            More Details                                         

Bluetooth Headphones

  bluetooth joggers

Bluetooth Headphones for use with phones, PS3's or any device that has a Bluetooth connection.

From $35.00                                        More Details 

Bluetooth Audio Dongle



Use this dongle to turn any old headphone output into a Bluetooth broadcasting device. It is rechargeable using a usb connection or the supplied AC power supply. Just plug it into your TV set and sit back and listen to the sound on your Bluetooth headphones.

Bluetooth does not require 'line of site' like Infrared - so it's perfect for use where you want to go wireless and have obstructions between you and the TV.

From $19.95                                         More Details

USB Bluetooth Dongles


Extra small Bluetooth dongles for use with Windows Operating systems. Use these devices to connect wirelessly to Bluetooth headphones, headsets, or Bluetooth Speakers

From AU$8.95                                       More Details

USB 3 Devices


The new standard in high speed USB connectivity is here. USB3.0 cards for Laptops and PC's - and USB3.0 4 Port Hubs

From AU$24.95                                      More Details


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